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Why Do We Do This?

Being in ministry is emotionally demanding, it's very easy to feel like everyone around you is depending on your emotional stability and that you must be perfect all the time. The truth is we have emotions that are difficult to deal with and at times the hurts and stresses of the world can carry a huge weight. IM is about giving ministry leaders the space and time to feel, talk, and reflect on the season that God has you in. The retreat is intendted to help you realize your God given limits and the need to shut away the stresses of the job to seek deeper intimacy with your spouse and with God. 

What Started This Program?

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Allison and I founded Essential2Life in Atlanta in 1995, and by 2000 I was struggling spiritually, emotionally, and mentally which was taxing on my marriage. I was not just heading to burnout, I was facing my first experience at the "WALL". Not knowing where to turn I would take sabbaticals that were just long periods of rest. Every 4-5 years I would come crashing into the "WALL". It wasn't until November of 2014 that I hit the wall so hard there was no return unless God showed up differently. Being diagnosed with PTSD due to the realities of urban ministry and facing clinical depression I was finally at a place where I was willing to surrender and let the Trinity through self-care and soul care do a redemptive work in my life. See, I didn't know the depth of damage to my soul! I was introduced in the Fall of 2015 to my mentor "Trip" where I was introduced to one on one intensive discipleship and spiritual formation. 

It was through surrendering every area of my life, learning about Spiritual Formation and finding a community of like-minded individuals who walk with us and continue to walk with us in our journey of self-care and soul care, which has become a central focus of our lives.

Since 2015 Allison and I have been privileged to have our lives intersect with some amazing people wanting to grow in their relationship with the Trinity. Through contemplative practices and spiritual direction training we are walking with ministry leaders to experience self-care and soul-care in the context of marriage. Since 2015, Allison and I have walked with ministry couples and forged friendships because it is our hop that ministry couples never feel isolated or alone again!

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Vince & Allison

Vince and Allison Hungate founded Intentional Marriage after serving 26 years in the local church and non-profit sector. In 2015 they started the transition to devote their lives to serving couples in ministry. Vince and Allison began ministry in South Carolina and in 1995 they went to Atlanta and founded Essential2Life, a ministry working with students in the inner city. 
In 2010 they also founded Medici Project, which helps students discover the beauty of serving others. Vince is a native of Florida and received his education and training through Lee University and Florida Southern College. Allison is a South Carolina native and graduated from Lee University with a degree in Early Education. Vince and Allison live in Northern Georgia and have three adult children, Brooks, Mickey (Lauren), Madison (Sean), and Amelia "Millie" our granddaughter who brings joy to everyone.

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Chris & Carmen McLean

Chris and Carmen McLean have been married for 33 years, and they have two children and three grandchildren, with one more on the way. Because of the miraculous work God has done in Chris and Carmen’s marriage, they have a deep, sincere passion for marriages and have invested into couples for over 23 years. 
Most recently they have joined Vince and Allison Hungate in serving with the Intentional Marriage ministry. Chris is currently a Global Master Trainer for the Center for Leadership Studies and trains leaders and teams all over the world in the fundamental methods of leadership. 

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