What Do Our Retreats Look Like?

What to expect when you come

Focused On You

From the moment you arrive at one of our locations we want to give you the feeling that you have come to a safe place to rest and put the worries of ministry on pause to focus on the important things.


Our locations are situated on large open estates so you & your spouse have the space to rest, talk, grow, and have fun.


The host will work to make your time special and meaningful, plus our trips have a very small group of couples across all denominations so that no one feels overcrowded.

Soul Care.

This is more than just a motivational seminar, IM focuses on Soul Care which will help to center you in the things that are the most important. 

What Is Soul Care?

Jesus came to save our Soul but few even understand or give attention to it. Being in ministry, we tend to focus on "doing" for God and in the process supress our emotions, will, desires, physical body, and those closest around us. A Soul left forgotten in the busyness of the day will inevitably start to carry around hurts, worry, excessive stress, exhustion, doubt, and the weight of demands in ministy that God did not design us to carry. This will lead us down a path to burnout, destruction, and the feeling of being unsatisfied & unfullfilled in life. Soul Care is about making sure the focus of our lives is on God, not the to-do list, so that we may live whole balanced lives. Taking time to be slient with God, letting God reveal and deal with hurts from your past, along with re-arranging life to remove all hurry are just a few ways that we can keep the Soul healthy. IM retreats let you stop "doing" for God and just start "being" with God.

The Places We Meet

Join us at some of the most secluded property in the nation.

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The Ark @ Lake Lanier

The retreat is hosted at "The Ark" situated in Northeast Georgia on the beautiful shores of Lake Lanier, the perfect retreat location. Lake Lanier is 38,000 acres sitting on the base of the North Georgia Mountains just 45 minutes from downtown Atlanta. Make yourself at home in this French Country inspired home with over 12,000 square feet along with numerous opportunities for rest and recreation. We are looking forward to you joining us at this premier retreat where the grounds are unimaginable, to give you an enriched experience.

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Willowood Ranch

Our Destination Lodging for Overnight Guests is an experience you'll never forget. Get away on the 350+ acre ranch with rolling hills, lush trees, and unexpected treasures throughout the property. From three ponds on the property to fish to the peaceful and serene year round perfect place to escape and rejuvenate. 

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Lake Chatuge

The retreat is hosted at Lake Chatuge nestled in the mountains of Western North Carolina with more than 130 miles of shoreline. You will be invited to make yourself at home in a beautiful French Country inspired home with numerous opportunities for rest and recreation. We are looking forward to you joining us during these five days that are set aside to give you time away and an enriched experience. 


While You're With Us

IM will help you focus on rest and relationship. The host will be diligent in not only making sure your needs are met while on the property but that there is time to talk as a couple and grow deeper connection with each other.

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IM Team

Every IM trip has a dedicated Host couple that will work diligently to make every detail of your trip one that you will never forget. Whether working with you on specific food allergies, planning things to do on the property or local area, or spending time talking with you and your spouse the host is committed to making sure you leave feeling rested and filled up in your relationship. This is what makes IM different, the host is there to give you the rest & Soul Care you need. 

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The Schedule

We start the trip by coming together for breakfast and spend some time as a group in discussion and teaching. We provide a lot of downtime as well where you can go do as you please with your spouse. Our goal is not to have meeting after meeting but to come together to talk and give you time to reflect and have fun.

When It's Over

This is not a motivational meeting where you leave on a high and then things just return to normal, rather because IM is focused just as much on the Soul Care as a time of rest you will leave centered and more ready to walk throughout this season of life. Plus your host will be checking in with you over the next year to continually help you and your spouse on what is to come.

Feel Centered

Feeling centered is about knowing what is important and being grounded in life. IM retreats are about shutting down the chaos of the world and getting back into a intimate relationship with God & your spouse so that you can feel grounded in all that you do.

You're Not Alone

We want you to finish the race that God set out for you and your family. We provide the ability to get away and rest, but you can also leave with the knowledge that it's not the end. Your host will continue to check in with you and your spouse for an entire year and support you in any way they can. 

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